• 8,50 €

    Complete protection with Yarrow on the energetic, emotional and social level. Helps to prepare for challenging situations. Protection and stability at the same time. Complete protection with Yarrow on...

  • 8,50 €

    Liberation from the vicious circles. Stop hindering thoughts and habits. Pause, rest and re-orient.     Liberation from the vicious circles....

  • 8,50 €

    The trio of release, fall and be caught, that makes it easy to let go, to get free and let yourself fall, to surrender without getting lost.It consists of Maple Bud, Sycamore Maple and Field Maple The trio of release, fall and be...

  • 8,50 €

    This combination helps „highly sensitive person“ (HSP) not only to survive but enjoy life.   This combination helps „highly...

  • 8,50 €

    The Mental-Clarity-Trio. Clears and frees the thinking, helps to relax physically and mentally. Lets you really see what is and opens to what can come. Contains Peppermint, Roman Peppermint and Spearmint The Mental-Clarity-Trio. Clears and...

  • 8,50 €

    Emergency Combination according to the original recipe of Edward Bach, containing Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, Clematis Emergency Combination according to...

  • 8,50 €

    The home guard Opening and gentleness, ability to direct confrontation, self-defense and focus on the essentials, centering and presence of mind  and protection       The home guard Opening and...

  • 8,50 €

    Balsam-Trio brings back our inner balance, which encourages to act flexibly, adapt to various situations with ease, trust those who have earned it, and fight off the ones who treat you badly. Balsam-Trio brings back our inner...

  • 8,50 €

    The cheerfulness trio. Brings serenity and joyful handling of challenges. Helps to cope with conflicts with charm and humor while remaining entirely yourself.   The cheerfulness trio. Brings...

  • 8,50 €

    Find yourself, find love, make the right decision, get back on the right path and stay true to your heart.   Find yourself, find love, make the...

Mamboya Flower Essences

Dear friends and visitors!

Finally: The new cd Flowers is available.

Peaceful and relaxing solo piano improvisations inspired by healing flowers.

Please click here: Peter Vantine - Flowers

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Pleasure Series

Pleasure Series

No therapy, no fuss, simply pleasure and delight with our new combinations!

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Orchid essences prepare us for the next step in our inner evolution. Their energies make us fit for the future and awaken unexpected talents and dormant strength in ourselves.Learn to know our new orchid essences here. Have fun!