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    Learn to play by playing in order to learn by playing

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    Learn to play by playing in order to learn by playing

    Bougainvillea shows the signature of a flower within a flower, beauty surrounded by beauty. It is the symbol of protection as well as enjoyment and pleasure. Bougainvillea essences speak to our inner child, who gazes at the world with big eyes, discovers new wonders everywhere, happily and carefree explores and conquers its surroundings. The ability to make something out of anything that is based on its exuberant imagination, curiosity and joy of being.

    Various aspects of these qualities are reflected in the three bougainvillea varieties that together form the bougainvillea trio.

    Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea spectabilis

    The inner child easily recognizes the magic and the wonderful in everyday life, it does not have to move to foreign countries for its adventures, its adventures always take place in the here and now, clouds turn into faces and the campfire tells stories.

    Bougainvillea brings you into contact with this child: it allows you to feel the inner child, to reconcile with it, to accept it. That gives safety, security and trust. You learn to think and feel like a child again.

    Orange Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea spectabilis

    Orange Bougainvillea is the improvisation artist among the flower essences. If you run out of ideas and you think you are in a hopeless situation, this flower puts you a fool’s cap on, lets you look at the situation from the humorous side, which dissolves the stagnation of thoughts and gets the energy flowing again. Suddenly you discover the exit of the hamster wheel, which was there all along. Alone, you were too stressed to see it.

    Orange bougainvillea lets you find the solution to a problem where you least suspect it. Creative improvisation skills paired with humor, charm and the right amount of audacity

    Because something always works.

    White Bougainvillea - Bougainvillea spectabilis

    When the situation becomes problematic, many resort to the trained behavior patterns, which are not always helpful. Being scared, aroused, frightened - all of these impair thinking and acting and are not necessarily suitable for solving the problem.

    White Bougainvillea makes you pause, perceive the moment, think neither of the past nor the future, but simply see what is - and maybe even be amazed at it. This removes the need to switch to emergency mode (read: stress response).

    This blossom makes you feel safe and protected, brings you inside to a place from where you can cast an unpredictable and undisguised look at what is. Neither inflate the matter into a catastrophe in your mind, nor deny it, or invent excuses, or whatever comes to mind on the spur of the moment. It is like it is. And I have the heart, the strength and the inspiration to deal with it. Even if I sometimes doubt it, or doubt myself. Right then. Doubt can become an indication of this flower.

    Fearlessly and curiously facing problems

    Consists of the combination of the botanically identical, but differently colored, variants of the bougainvillea.

    • The red Bougainvillea strengthens the inner child in us, the playful curiosity, imagination, the desire to discover and the ability to be amazed. Freed from logic and analysis, Bougainvillea tries to make something enjoyable and wonderful out of everything.
    • Orange Bougainvillea promotes the talent for improvisation, it lets you try out the unknown, gives you courage and does not allow you to shy away from difficult tasks. It makes you want to face them and figure out what great things can be made of them.
    • White Bougainvillea brings inner peace and gives you an overview of the current situation.

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