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Stinging Nettle

Helps when the landmarks in your life are broken off; when someone dies or steps out or the family breaks apart; reorientation and adaptability; helps with the formation of new stable structures

Price €9.00


Reveals the beauty of the desire to let yourself fall, to let go ambition

Price €9.00


Helps to acquire relationship skills and decision-making powers; learn with whom you want to get involved and with whom not; shed loads of past relationships and decisions.

Price €9.00

Little Orchid

Helps with creative blockages, promotes creative problem solving, brings humility and pride

Price €9.00


Helps with one-sided focus on one sensory channel, such as when you only believe what you see, but ignore other information that you get through hearing, touch, etc.

Price €9.00

Marsh Marigold

Helps to get in touch with your inner source, strength, inspiration; remain true to yourself; rediscover your original path in life, create your life yourself.

Price €9.00


Releases self-doubt and anticipatory anxiety; brings confidence, optimism, when one feels inadequat, thinking „I‘m goofy, clumsy, ugly ...“

Price €9.00


Helps with hopelessness, feelings of depression and long-lasting pain

Price €9.00


Helps with lethargy, sluggishness, apathy and disinterest

Price €9.00


Helps with imbalance, defense patterns, rejection, internal conflicts, lack of flexibility and adjustment problems

Price €9.00