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Helps with feigned carelessness, when you tend to paper over the cracks and cover your inner distress

Price €9.00


Balance of silence and actionMastery of the self; helps to learn what is good for you and act to this

Price €9.00

Alpine Anemone

Spiritual rebirthHelpful when you see yourself as failure and tend to self-criticism, self-punishment and self-destruction  

Price €9.00

Amble Willowherb

Heals injuries of children and the inner child; enables to reject responsibility, if it is too great for one; helps to develop courage and curiosity.

Price €9.00


Helps with inexplicable fear without any obvious reason; for anxiety about the future and vague fears

Price €9.00


Helps to overcome prejudice and criticism and replace them by inner peace and serenity; teaches to allow others their otherness

Price €9.00


Wisdom, patience, kindness, comfort, humor, maturity and inner peace

Price €9.00

Bird Cherry

Conflict resolution skills; familiar with strangers.Helps to come out of one‘s comfortzone and defense posture, instead learn how to cope with unfamiliar opinions, intentions, targets

Price €9.00