Flower Essence Combinations


There is more than just the first aid combination. We offer a couple of unique flower essences blends for all kinds of issues, you will be surprised!

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Grounding interrupts stress-related reaction patterns, helps to keep a cool head and make clear decisions

Price €9.00

Horseshoe Mix

The home guard Opening and gentleness, ability to direct confrontation, self-defense and focus on the essentials, centering and presence of mind  and protection      

Price €9.00


This combination helps „highly sensitive person“ (HSP) not only to survive but enjoy life.  

Price €9.00


Brings light into the blind spotsSupports self-acceptance, which helps to leave all judgment behind in order to put together all the particles of one's self into a meaningful whole.

Price €9.00


Combination of flower essences that help to relieve the symptoms of menopause

Price €9.00

Mr. Sandman

This combination was developed because of the great demand for an energy that initiates and maintains sleep.

Price €9.00