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Together we are strong. Using the best in yourself for the best of everyone.

Price €9.00

Green Fluorite

Clarity, receptiveness, comprehension of the underlying patterns of an order or situation, ease in serious matters

Price €9.00


For the self-centred ones, who are not really interested in others.

Price €9.00


The raven brings the magic into life. It delivers the secret messages from other worlds. It is the bird of birth and rebirth and new beginnings.

Price €9.00


Creativity and Sexuality. This Chakra brings us energy and motivation and fullfillment. It supports our willingness to explore the world, makes us active, social and brings us love of life.

Price €9.00


The upper world is the place of the spirit, the heavens and the higher powers. Keywords are spirituality, distance and non-attachment.

Price €9.00