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Keeps us in balance during activity, in peace during conflicts, calm during disturbances. Promotes the development of talent to perfection.consists of Almond Almond bud Almond germ all Prunus dulcis

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Joy, euphoria, pleasure - teaches to celebrate what has been achieved and playfully aspire what not yet has been achieved.

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Fire possesses the energy of the heat of the summer, the flourishing and the heart.

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The Hero - White Yarrow

White Yarrow - Brings the ability to protect oneself, while still being vulnerable by love.    

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The Trickster - Lungwort

Strengthens the inner trickster who always has an unexpected solution to hand, brings the brainwave that work like a hidden ace up your sleeve. Provides access to all kingdoms, like Hermes, messenger of the gods, had.

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The wolf brings knowledge and wisdom, leadership, loyalty and spirituality.

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