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Horseshoe Mix

The home guard Opening and gentleness, ability to direct confrontation, self-defense and focus on the essentials, centering and presence of mind  and protection      

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The Friendship-Trio. Gets you out of the loneliness, be it personal, social or spiritual, takes the fear away and makes making contact easy. Contains Mallow, Pink Muskmallow and White Muskmallow.

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The Mental-Clarity-Trio. Clears and frees the thinking, helps to relax physically and mentally. Lets you really see what is and opens to what can come. Contains Peppermint, Roman Peppermint and Spearmint

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Mr. Sandman

This combination was developed because of the great demand for an energy that initiates and maintains sleep.

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Awareness, acceptance and learning capabilities. Healing through love.

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Safe Child

Safety in times of change and vulnerability for children and adolescents - and the injured child that you once were

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The trio that makes you follow your inner compassconsists of Walnut Walnut Germ Walnut Pollen all Juglans regia

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