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The Truth-Trio. Helps to understand yourself and become aware of your dreams, inner rhythm, hidden talents - know yourself, be true to yourself and become authentical. The essences are American Mugwort, Mugwort and Wormwood.

Price €9.00


Bear energy is very powerful and feminine, giving access to dreams and the subconscious.

Price €9.00


Carnelian serves friendship, togetherness and pleasure, and gives strength and stamina, especially when one strives for the extraordinary.

Price €9.00


Cooperation and empathy, respect, balance of activity and passivity, be able to give and receive love, act from your heart, be and feel free in relationships. Opens the heart to receiving love, strengthens the ability to love.

Price €9.00


In the medicine wheel North stands for wisdom, gratitude, cleansing, renewal.

Price €9.00


Find meaning in what you do, make everyday life a meditation, lead a fulfilling life.

Price €9.00