Essences of the path of life

The archetypes of your path of life

At which points of your path of life do problems appear? Which difficulties return again and again, which steps in life cause problems. There are archetypal internal developments one can support by taking the appropriate essence. Reach the next stage with the help of the inner forces the archetypal essences of the path of life help you to develop. 

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The Abandonned - Pine

Pine - Pinus sylvestris Helps to overcome feelings of guilt and the belief of having deserved being all alone. Redemption.    

Price €9.00

The Adult - Heather

Heather - Brings the big shift in perspective: the attention is no longer focussed on oneself,teaches to turn to others, to listen to others' needs and perspectives.Teaches to take on responsibility.

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The Magician - Evening...

Evening Primrose - Makes one strong enough to face the darkness, brings insight in one's one dark side. Helps to face one's true self.    

Price €9.00

The Martyr - Oak

Do not forget yourself. Helps those who work themselves into the ground for others, teaches to deal with their forces and reserves and to avoid exhaustion and burnout. Self-protection.

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The Warrior - Rosemary

Strength and concentration. Helps in the dispute to access all internal resources and all power in order to concentrate on the decisive blow, allowing the knock-out.

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