The Helping Archetypes

Helper Archetypes

Sometimes even Gods need a little help. These essences make further assistance available. Develop the power of the artist, trickster and hero in yourself, recognize the importance of the home, grief and other archetypal phenomena.

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Pumpkin – The Teacher

The archetype of the inner teacher. Promotes the curiosity and desire for learning, curiosity and spirit of discovery, creativity and perspective

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The Artist - Iris

Iris renews the ability to express yourself, brings courage to try new things and to go beyond self-imposed limits. It gives access not only to inspirational sources but also the energy to use your inspiration for creative purposes.

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The Beginning - Star of...

Star of Bethlehem - The archetype of the beginning. Supports birth - in every sense, encourages every new beginning, helps to start a new life, gives you a second chance

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The Destroyer - Blackthorn

Blackthorn, the archetype of the Destroyer. Helps you to find the courage to free yourselve from dead relationships, give up old jobs, habits, etc. 

Price €9.00

The End - Copper Beech

Copper Beech - the Achetyp of the end. Allows a confrontation with the death, the emptiness, the nothingness. Supports in dealing with the incomprehensible and inevitable.      

Price €9.00

The Healer of The Inner...

Amble Willowherb - the archetype of the healer of children. Heals the wounds of the children, even the inner child, and helps the children to enjoy their childhood again.

Price €9.00

The Home - Lime

Lime - The archetype of the home. Strengthens the people who are alienated and do not feel at home anywhere. Creates a sacred atmosphere as in a temple, helps to feel safe and secure.

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The mourner - Borage

Support for the bereaved. Teaches to confront loss and death, to feel and express grief, and thus to overcome it.    

Price €9.00

The Trickster - Lungwort

Strengthens the inner trickster who always has an unexpected solution to hand, brings the brainwave that work like a hidden ace up your sleeve. Provides access to all kingdoms, like Hermes, messenger of the gods, had.

Price €9.00

The Wild - Sage

Sage - Brings you back to your origin, before you were tamed, helps you to tap into the wild and untamed core of your being.

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