Bloesem Remedies Nederland

Flower Essences The Netherlands is a company, lead by Miep and Bram Zaalberg. One of the goals is the distribution and production of flower essences of high quality. Another very important task is to provide information and give workshops about healing and flower essences. Since 1992 we have our own classroom for the workshops and a garden in which we try to cooperate with the Deva's (the essential energies of the plant) as much as possible. Since 1986 we started to make flower essences ourselves. The first years, we only used them in our practice and for ourselves. Because of the growing demand we started to distribute these essences for a larger public in 1990. The essences have a great purity and are very powerful in their effect. The preservation is also kept as pure as possible and is done with organic brandy.

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Brings clarity and encourages you to follow the direction of your heart  

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