Flower Essences for Children

Flower Essences For Children

These flower essences complement the flower essences of the pregancy set. They help children to develop healthy and overcome the hurdles of growing up with confidence and joy.

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Amble Willowherb

Heals the injured children, especially good when the parents expect their children to work much and give them too much responsibility, e.g. when one parent went away and the child shall fill the gap.

Price €9.00


Learn to understand what you see with your eyes; gain a complete picture from all the details; see what lies underneath the surface.    

Price €9.00


Supports phantasy and dreaming and help to discover all the miracles around us in our everyday life; for children who forgot how to dream and enjoy creativity, especially when their life is hard and boring.

Price €9.00


Helps to listen carefully and express oneself clearly; understand the meaning of what is said, not just the words.

Price €9.00


Brings back one's ability to laugh and enjoy oneself; good when a child suffers from a long-term disease; for children, who have to work or who are handicapped and therefore lost their zest for life.

Price €9.00


Independence for those who stick to their mother's side, learn how to love without chains.

Price €9.00


Grounding for the daydreamers, good for children who are unaware and accident prone.

Price €9.00

Cross-leaved Heath

Stand on your own feet; overcome the feeling of being abandonnened; supports the outsiders, who may somehow look different or speak a foreign language or cannot join the group for any reason.

Price €9.00


Good when children suffer from regular tantrums; also good for jealous children, who hate their brothers and sisters.

Price €9.00

Little Primrose

For all those, who are often scared; for children with too much phantasy who are afraid of everything in the shadow, under the bed, in the cellar ...

Price €9.00


For safety and security; good for abused children, who cannot trust anyone. Brings back the original trust and confidence that are inherent in every child  

Price €9.00