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Flower Essences for the Chakras The Chakras belong to the basics in Indian medicine. They serve as energy centers in the human body. There are 7 Chakras in the body. You can see a Chakra as a kind of funnel, that collects energy from its surroundings. If such a funnel should be closed, a lack of energy is the result and this may cause negative effects on our body, soul and emotions. Every Chakra has its own definition and functions. Their knowledge can be very helpful in diagnosis and treatment. The lack of energy in a special Chakra creates related symptoms, so we can find which Chakra may be blocked just from observing the symptoms. If we however check the Chakras e.g. by muscle testing we can also foresee which symptoms may appear in the future unless we treat the Chakra.

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This energy grounds us, gives us stability and a good sense of realism. Supports realism and body consciousness. Grounding and stabilizing on the physical, mental and emotional level.  

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Insight, stillness, meditation. No more unnecessary thoughts between our reception and the world. Clarity and focus.

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Chakra Spray

Complements our Chakra Flower Essences Set.Seven chakras, energy centers in the body, are responsible for specific tasks in the physical, mental and emotional realm and are all localized to the spine except for the Crown Chakra on top of the vertex.

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Chakra Cleansing ensures the free flow of kundalini energy, so that this fire energy only invigorates, but can not act burning.

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Cooperation and empathy, respect, balance of activity and passivity, be able to give and receive love, act from your heart, be and feel free in relationships. Opens the heart to receiving love, strengthens the ability to love.

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Ida directs  feminine energy from the starting point near the coccyx to the right hemisphere of the brain, and is also referred to as carrier of prana and Moon energy.

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Kundalini, symbolically represented as coiled snake on the human coccyx is brought to life through yoga. It ascends through the chakras and brings the greatest happiness when it reaches the Crown Chakra finally.

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Cleaning, strengthening and energizing the Nadi (meridian of the Chakra system) Pingala brings courage, strength and activity. Pingala helps turn ideas into reality

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Creativity and Sexuality. This Chakra brings us energy and motivation and fullfillment. It supports our willingness to explore the world, makes us active, social and brings us love of life.

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