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Creation, security, protection and metamorphosis. Here we are ourselves, here we can change ourselves. Stability combined with flexibility, in essence, you remain yourself while you change, that is the essence of the center.

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The wisdom of the East is obtained by getting to know and using one's creative talents, giving up old habits, practicing the exchange of energy with others, in the sense of communication and mutual support, but also material energy, that is, things.

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In the medicine wheel North stands for wisdom, gratitude, cleansing, renewal.

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Together instead of lonely. The value of mutual support and stable relationships. Solidarity, public spirit, dating and attachment. Learning to rely on each other, to grow together, to love each other.

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In the underworld, the soul experiences its karma, finds its power or totem animal and the time to draw the essential consequences for a new beginning. Here you determine your destiny in harmony with your true purpose, learn from your mistakes and correct...

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The upper world is the place of the spirit, the heavens and the higher powers. Keywords are spirituality, distance and non-attachment.

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Work and harvest, the last great effort, give everything one more time, accomplish things, the finishing touch

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