Shaman Spirit Essences

Shaman Spirit Essences

Shaman Spirit adds the shamanic touch to the subtle floral energy. The energy of drumming, dancing and inner traveling in little bottles. For those who want to work shamanically with flower essences.

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Air is everywhere, it is intangible, and yet it is vital. Air makes you light and fresh, communicative and flexible.

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Bat energy brings luck and wealth. It lets you discover what good gifts life still wants to offer you.

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Bear energy is very powerful and feminine, giving access to dreams and the subconscious.

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Buffalo energy stands for wisdom and abundance, power and responsibility. It helps one to find the right spiritual path and to go.

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Butterfly energy stands for change, joy and movement. Its joyfull colors express that transformation does not have to be traumatic and growth does not have to be accompanied by growth pain.

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Creation, security, protection and metamorphosis. Here we are ourselves, here we can change ourselves. Stability combined with flexibility, in essence, you remain yourself while you change, that is the essence of the center.

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