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Animal Spirit Essences for the support of shamanic healing

Animal Spirit Essences

Animal Spirit Essences are prepared in a spiritual-shamanic way. They connect the carrier water with the spirit of the animal, which plays a role in shamanism as a totem and helper. No animal is injured.

In North American shamanism, the term medicine is used. This is not defined in the sense of scientific medicine. Rather, it means that an inner spiritual connection with one’s own power animal (totem) strengthens the personality and realigns you in accordance with your original mission on Earth. A medical effect is excluded. Whenever words like wolf medicine and turtle medicine is used, it always means a reorientation of the soul.

The inner animal can show you the way to yourself. It can appear in the dream or in the real life. Whoever perceives it, respects it, and follows its advice profits at the level of soul health.

In modern times, many lost access to their own power animal. Animal Spirit Essences help to bring back the missing part of the puzzle to the person’s wholeness. Inner balance and self-assurance result from a positive relationship to the totem.

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Bat energy brings luck and wealth. It lets you discover what good gifts life still wants to offer you.

Price €9.00


Bear energy is very powerful and feminine, giving access to dreams and the subconscious.

Price €9.00


Buffalo energy stands for wisdom and abundance, power and responsibility. It helps one to find the right spiritual path and to go.

Price €9.00


Butterfly energy stands for change, joy and movement. Its joyfull colors express that transformation does not have to be traumatic and growth does not have to be accompanied by growth pain.

Price €9.00


Dolphin energy stands for kindness, love, gentleness, healing and joie de vivre.

Price €9.00


The eagle spreads its wings, rises quickly and looks over the scene from a higher level. Detached from the present, it can see into the future and realize the possibilities that lie ahead of it.

Price €9.00


The fox has a reputation for being smart. Foxes live in family groups and take good care of each other. They act strategically and cleverly, purposefully and persistently.

Price €9.00


The owl guides you through the darkness of the night and the soul and the invisible worlds.

Price €9.00


The raven brings the magic into life. It delivers the secret messages from other worlds. It is the bird of birth and rebirth and new beginnings.

Price €9.00


Snake medicine is for healing, regeneration and renewal. The energy of the serpent attracts positive healing powers that support and strengthen you in everything you do.

Price €9.00


The turtle is considered to be one of the oldest symbols of the earth. The earth itself symbolizes divine femininity, which is capable of producing life and taking it back in the end. Give and take are in balance, and that’s what the turtle can teach us.

Price €9.00