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    • Pink Yarrow

    Pink Yarrow

    Brings emotional security, if one gets easily overwhelmed by own or someone else‘s suffering; teaches to leave situations that have nothing to do with yourselves instead of getting involved.

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    Pink Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

    Yarrow‘s pink variety is particularly suitable for people who use to get involved in situations in which they can easily get emotionally out of balance. They are unstable, insecure, can be easily ruffled. Seemingly against their will, they take over moods and atmospheres from their environment. They feel miserable when the people around them are hard up - not because they themselves are in trouble or sick.

    This is the flower essence for very sensitive people who find it difficult to distance themselves from vibrations and energies. They get abdominal pain when others argue, always have to cry when watching sad or romantic movies and sometimes feel the disharmony even before the conflict occurs.

    The sensitivity makes them ideal for professions as counselors, nurses and therapists. Pink Yarrow helps them to reject feelings that have nothing to do with themselves, and learn to avoid ending up with the same symptoms their clients showed when their entered the practice.

    Pink Yarrow helps you off after work. It also soothes deeply sad moods, as they occur sometimes seemingly without cause after giving birth. Protects against stomach problems and generally helps with self-defense.


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