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Background Stories

New and well-known stories and facts from the world of flowers, background stories to our flower essences, application notes and whatever else comes to mind.

  • Pleasing body and soul
    Pleasing body and soul

    Bathing fun with flower essences

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  • Fright when touched
    Fright when touched

    If you are unexpectedly touched from behind, you wince. A reflex that wakes us up to indicate danger. Sometimes this reflex takes on a life of its own and puts us in a permanent state of alarm. It’s not good for your health.You can find out here how we can use Touch-Me-Not Balsam to bring back our inner security.

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  • Pine Pollen
    Pine Pollen

    Now that the flower essence of Pine has been in use for a long time, let’s take a look at a closely related essence, made from the pollen of the pine tree.

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  • Pleasure

    How often does it happen that someone comes into the consultation and says. „I can’t get angry at all anymore“? Much more often you hear „I have no joy in life at all.“ How could this happen? Which flowers allow you to regain your ability to enjoy yourself and your zest for life? And which types of people struggle with it the most?

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  • Flower Essences in Spring: the Apple Blossom
    Flower Essences in Spring: the Apple Blossom

    The most popular fruit, which offers special advantages in all varieties. Their combined qualities give us a true elixir of life.

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  • Flower Essences and Asthma
    Flower Essences and Asthma

    Flower essences are not drugs - who do I tell? Nevertheless, they can play an important role in supporting the physically ill, e.g. asthma patients. At this point, a different aspect than a cure in the conventional medical sense should be considered, although its discovery might not have come about without scientific medicine.

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  • Dandelion

    Many flower essences tell us exactly for whom their energy is intended. Indian balsam is good for the impatient, Mimulus for the fearful and Clematis for the dreamers. Dandelion however is different, it relieves tension and hence does not do anything different from many other flower essences, let’s say Agrimony, Willow or the already mentioned Indian balsam. But it is precisely this that makes it so special and valuable in a sense that it has made it blossom into one of the most sought-after...

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  • Why working with emotions is so important
    Why working with emotions is so important

    Flower essences work mainly on the emotional or psychological level.The importance of this for our overall health becomes clear when we take a closer look at a certain structure of our anatomy, the limbic system.

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  • Fairy tales as life support - Mother Hulda as a goddess
    Fairy tales as life support - Mother Hulda as a goddess

    Essences from magical places are reminiscent of ancient spirituality

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  • Patterns, Good-byes and Nervous System
    Patterns, Good-byes and Nervous System

    Flower essences cannot force anything, they cannot even change anything. They always work on what exists and make the best of it. Often parents have some ideas and plans for their children, but all too often they are merely projections of what they once wanted for themselves. Flower essences do not work that way. They do not turn a handy man into an intellectual, dwarfs into anorectic models and, sorry, no frogs into princes. Nice, friendly, strong, wise and self-conscious frogs - but no...

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  • Sadness is a Skill – Borage is the Teacher
    Sadness is a Skill – Borage is the Teacher

    A deep breath gives you the strength to get through hard times. But sometimes grief and distress make breathing difficult. How do you meet this challenge?

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  • The Inner Blockage - Resistance to Healing
    The Inner Blockage - Resistance to Healing

    For a long time, Self-Heal was considered the best of all herbs, and many families used it as home remedy for all kinds of ailments such as worm infestation, constipation, sore throats, kidney and gallstones and even toothache. In general, it was also used as a wound remedy, for cuts and other injuries - hence the name carpenter’s herb in reference to the occupation at risk of injury, whose representatives stopped bleedings with leaves of Self-Heal.

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