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Together instead of lonely. The value of mutual support and stable relationships. Solidarity, public spirit, dating and attachment. Learning to rely on each other, to grow together, to love each other.

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Here we find the firm belief that everything we have started will bear fruit - that means strength and self-esteem. The trip to the east was worthwhile. But now we are not going back to the center - or just briefly - but work on what we started. We take care of the seed, so that it will rise and bring us profit.

One of the lessons of the South is that together we are better off than alone. The individualism of puberty, the distinction from what already exists, belongs to the East. In adolescence you notice the value of stable relationships and mutual support. The essence of the South also strengthens solidarity and sense of community, finding and binding one’s partner, one learns to value working together as well as the common vacation. We learn to rely on each other, to grow together, to love each other.

But it is also about the physical and material. The ideas of the youth and the East must mature, i.e. be manifested in reality. We need and want to tackle tasks and build soemthing up. The easiest way to do so is when the heart joins in and the passion drives us. It is no longer about annoying homework that an unpopular teacher forced us to do. Now it’s about making your own decisions, and even if they bring less pleasant parts with them. Building castles is one thing, but laying a foundation is another. You and nobody else is responsible in the South time. If you do not do it, nobody will. Or, as Erich Kästner put it, „There is nothing good unless you do it.“ (ok, in his language it rhymes)

Grounding, feelings, passion, community, growth and love are the keywords of the South.

The south essence

This essence mixture consists of the following five components:

Wild Rose - Rosa canina

This is a well-known Bach flower, that has found its spot in the medicine wheel essences. It is by accident since it appeals especially to people who are lethargic and apathetic, the very opposite of the Southern type, who is active and purposeful. He does not let himself get bored and does nothing, but tackles issues and passionately creates solutions. The south, the summer, the adolescence - they do not stand for indifference and lethargy, as represented by a typical candidate for the wild rose remedy. On the contrary the wild rose type can learn to appreciate the value of the South, get up and do something.

Sunflower germ - Helianthus annuus

The seed is planted at the time of the East, in the spring. The young plants must be taken care of, protected and cherished in summer. The sunflower is a powerful protector as a carrier of male energy. In this essence, the qualities of aspiration and assertiveness come together. The germ itself is still vulnerable, and yet it already carries everything that the later sunflower, whose flower head stands for the summer sun, will make out.

Summer Thunderstorm

Sometimes emotions tend to boil up. Feelings can pile up and when they discharge, it is not always pleasant.

Summer Thunderstorm environmental essence can deplete energy stored in unfinished business, in old conflicts, while maintaining the inner balance. At the end of the catharsis follows the calm, serenity and openness to new. And it’s still summer, time is powerful, it’s warm and you feel good.

Have no fear of buzzing emotions. Let them serve us as teachers, let us release, what needs to be released, use the essence to clarify the situation, as a preparation for reconciliation and peace. Thus, the storm teaches us not to destroy anything that is important to us, but to clean up the old outdated things from the past, that only block us, and the atmosphere and benefit from it.

The keywords for the Summer Thunderstorm are: cleaning, liberation and clarification. Become aware of and reduce pent-up aggression. Withstand aggression. Understand the causes of the dispute and solve it.


This is the stone of the south. Carnelian stabilizes in the present, concentrates thinking and prevents one from slipping into daydreaming. It brings back the motivation and revives when you have lost your vitality.

It acts as protector when one tends to jealousy, resentment and anger, the feelings that dominate the south get out of hand. The gem teaches, above all, to trust yourself and encourages to accept life as it is.

Carnelian essence keeps your emotions in balance, it gives you strength and stamina, especially when you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, be it at work, in science, in sports, in art or whatever drives you. Stumbling blocks and obstacles on this path must be mastered, and carnelian is the stone that helps you, even if you yourself put stones in your way, e.g. by adopting self-harming habits, drinking too much or consuming drugs. In such cases, the detoxifying effect comes into play.

Carnelian is a friendly and cheerful stone, it serves friendship, togetherness and pleasure. It makes contact easy and promotes the sense of belonging.


Guardian of the South is the bear. This animal stands for feminine energy and thus complements the energy of the sunflower.

Bears mate during a month in summer, otherwise males and females go their separate ways. The „family“ consists only of mother and child. For the single mother bear the protection and the rearing of the young is most important. She is an excellent teacher and tolerates no interference. One should not get in the way of mother bear, because she is fast, flexible and strong. The education of her little ones takes three years. An important part of the bear teaching is the preparation for the winter. The bear thinks ahead and teaches her kids to do the same.

Bears can be well alone, their social phase falls into the summer, otherwise they will not let themselves be driven crazy by loneliness, when they retire all winter into their cave. Bears are masters of the dream world in shamanism, they also have enough time to dream. They find answers to urgent questions in themselves. As power animal or totem they show us how to bring one’s dreams to reality.

Keywords for the bear power are insight, loneliness, change, transformation, vision, death and rebirth, out of body experience and spiritual communication and wisdom.


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