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    In the underworld, the soul experiences its karma, finds its power or totem animal and the time to draw the essential consequences for a new beginning. Here you determine your destiny in harmony with your true purpose, learn from your mistakes and correct your fate.

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    The people of all times thought about rebirth and destiny. They dressed it in different cultural garments, calling it Hades in Greece, Helheim in Norse mythology, which later became „our“ hell, Chuin in Buddhism, and Bardo in Tibet. What is common to all is that after the body has been handed over to the earth, it should not be the end, but a transitional stage, which, depending on one’s behavior in life, turns out to be more or less turbulent. In most cases, the stay in the hereafter is presented as little enjoyable.

    In the underworld, the soul experiences its karma, finds its power or totem animal and the time to draw the essential consequences for a new beginning. Here you determine your destiny in harmony with your true purpose, learn from your mistakes and correct your fate.

    Underworld Essence uses the driving force of curiosity. It is composed of the following single essences:

    Black Elder - Sambucus nigra

    The elderberry tree grows at the entrance to the underworld (or fountain, in which the girls in the fairy tale fall). He serves as a guide, here along please. Its essence opens the eyes to the wonderful and the strange.

    Black Elder serves as a key species of many ecosystems, i.e. it changes the composition of the ecosystem by his presence alone, makes some species immigrate while others disappear. North American Indians think elder plants serve as teachers in behavior and growth. Elder, the name already suggests it: an elder, a wise old creature. One on which the plant community can orient itself.

    As the key essence of the underworld combination, it opens the door and accompanies you on his adventurous expedition in a protective and helping way.

    Pea germ - Pisum sativum

    Pea Essence reminds us that we are not isolated creatures walking solitary across the earth. Man is a social being by nature, and culture, skin color and religion do not change that. Certainly there are loners, but even those are part of the whole. We live in systems, societal and familial, and the treatment is the most successful that takes that into account. If you remove people from the structures, help them to become healthy, and throw them back into their dysfunctional system, they will develop the same or other disorders or diseases as before. The recovering alcoholic in the old environment is in danger of falling back into the old pattern, if this is not cured as well.

    Pea germ essence helps to get rid of the inner isolation. In the underworld you meet the spirits of the ancestors, the helpers, the healers and your totem. You are not alone, you are part of the whole. Fighting against it can have destructive consequences. The essence, on the other hand, reveals your fate and helps to lovingly accept it. It grounds socially and lets find your place on earth. In the underworld - or in the subconscious, one could say - you find the map of your fate.


    The protective stone of the underworld is called Vesuvianit. This is a soul cleaner.

    Dissatisfaction, depression, fear, dissimulation, and lack of openness are all signs that this stone might be good for the person. It encourages openness and honesty. The liberated mind can be creative again and open up to new things. Activity, even drive to action, to implement one’s ideas, is another effect.

    Vesuvianit makes the heart wide and friendly. It helps to look to the future and to set the course in a positive direction right now.

    It lets us act smiling from a friendly heart.

    Underground lake

    The environmental aspect of the combination. The cave in 350 million year old rock was created about 5 million years ago. The lake in it has several arms. One of them carries the purest possible water (chemically analyzed), another is so muddy that it is possible to crawl cautiously on all fours over its surface without breaking in. Two sides of the same coin, purity and dirt. Without one, the other could not exist. Anyone who reaches high and at the same time appreciates and understands the memory of the lows is wise. Know that there is nothing to prove, just see what is. Know the high and the low, accept it and live your life.

    Underground Lake brings wisdom, unconditional comprehension, acceptance and knowledge.


    The guardian of the underworld is the fox. In North America, it’s the Coyote, I chose the fox for that essence because it’s closer to us (Europeans).

    An unknown poet described the fox as follows:

    Secret messenger of the gods,
    Cunning and wise, reliable friend,
    Lead my steps through this maze of deception
    And let me see through this problem to the end.

    The fox is an animal that lives both on and under the ground. He has access to the underworld and knows how to get back from it. As a companion on our journey he does not let himself be fooled, he sees through illusion and deception. That’s what he can convey to us.

    The fox is the personal power animal for some. For others it can be a travel guide in the subconscious. In ancient China, people believed that foxes could take on human form. In South America, it was considered as „obstetrician of the following incarnation“.

    The fox is associated with these qualities: cunning, adaptability, invisibility, magic, good observation, concentration, strategic, quick thinking, courage and much, much more.

    The accumulated energies of these five single essences help us to delve deeply into ourselves and find answers to questions we may not even have been aware of.


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