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    Resist the first impulses, discover slowness.

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    Parasol – Macrolepiota procera

    Resist the first impulses, discover slowness.

    Goals are a drive in life, they motivate, spur on, give strength and endurance. And they can get in the way. They can make you impatient, miss details, and ignore the needs of others. Sometimes it is precisely because we try so hard that we miss it.

    In the material world, effort and determination work quite well. But the Parasol is about the ideal. It hits us with the paradoxes. To strive you have to want something - to achieve it you must not want it.

    Love, for example, cannot be forced, centering is not the reward of great effort, and sometimes you can get there faster if you take your time. Parasol offers a mushroom essence, the energy of which allows us to shift down a gear, to orient ourselves, to consider the goals not separately but in a holistic context. Do not allow yourself to be dominated by mere desire, but rather calm down inside, find your balance, ground yourself and act with caution. No rush.

    Or as it is called in Zen: When your bow is broken and you have no more arrows, then shoot, shoot with all of your being.


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