Kategorie: Flower Essences for the Pregnancy

Since the early 1990’s we have been researching the most effective use of flower essences during pregnancy and childbirth. The research project involved more than 100 midwives, who did most of the work. Although we appreciate all the help and efforts of modern medicine in this field, we are also convinced that the vibrational assistance of flower essences can help to decrease the use of medications, which sometimes have damaging side effects, and can cause unneeded surgery. What we want is to help pregnant women to get in touch with their own needs and follow their own instincts. Our own position is that of helpers who only support them in this process. Medical help is sometimes necessary and advised in many situations. Mamboya Flower Essences help women to gain back their inner balance in this very emotional time in their lifes, and helps to support them to make decisions that are right for themselves and for their new babies.