Archetypal Flower Essences

Archetypal flower essences

An archetype is the idea behind the form, the invisible essence of something. They appear in all forms and shapes but yet stay true to themselves. A mother may be black and speaking Suaheli or she may be white and speak English, she will still be a mother. Such archetypes can be found in nature, too, and when we take the essence of the plant of the archetypal mother we strengthen the mother within ourselves. This is the idea behind the archetypal essences.

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Pumpkin – The Teacher

The archetype of the inner teacher. Promotes the curiosity and desire for learning, curiosity and spirit of discovery, creativity and perspective

Price €9.00

The Adult - Heather

Heather - Brings the big shift in perspective: the attention is no longer focussed on oneself,teaches to turn to others, to listen to others' needs and perspectives.Teaches to take on responsibility.

Price €9.00

The Artist - Iris

Iris renews the ability to express yourself, brings courage to try new things and to go beyond self-imposed limits. It gives access not only to inspirational sources but also the energy to use your inspiration for creative purposes.

Price €9.00

The Beginning - Star of...

Star of Bethlehem - The archetype of the beginning. Supports birth - in every sense, encourages every new beginning, helps to start a new life, gives you a second chance

Price €9.00

The Destroyer - Blackthorn

Blackthorn, the archetype of the Destroyer. Helps you to find the courage to free yourselve from dead relationships, give up old jobs, habits, etc. 

Price €9.00

The End - Copper Beech

Copper Beech - the Achetyp of the end. Allows a confrontation with the death, the emptiness, the nothingness. Supports in dealing with the incomprehensible and inevitable.      

Price €9.00